.: annual membership fees

Membership Fees are now due. To ensure continuity of your BMFA insurance, Fees should be paid before 31st December 2016.  (Without insurance you cannot take part in club activities). 

Existing members pay a slightly reduced fee when re-joining, provided renewal is completed by 31st January 2017.

See table below for a list of all fees for both New and Existing members

Cheques should be made payable to Melton & District Model Club and either posted to the Membership Secretary, David Matthews, or presented to David at the Club.
David will be present on Wednesday evenings at the Clubroom during January & February for those wishing to renew/join.

Note that any member wishing to use the King Lear Model Boat Club for model boats must have BMFA insurance. Speak to our Membership Secretary, David Mathews, about this.

Contact details for David are:

30 Heron Road
LE15 6BN

e-mail: david_matthews_121@hotmail.com
Tel: 01572 723136

The Table below lists fees for New Members which includes a joining fee and also the fees for existing members who are re-newing their membership. Note the BMFA Fee is mandatory unless you are already a BMFA member in which case proof of BMFA membership is required.

Existing members must renew their membership by 16th January 2017. Failure to do so results in a lapse of membership and any such members will be classed as NEW members when re-joining.

New Membership Application Forms can be downloaded from here

Classification Annual Fee
New Members (£)
Annual BMFA
Fee (£)
New Members
Total (£)
Re-joining Fee (£)
Annual BMFA
Fee (£)
Re-joining Members
Total (£)
Senior Flyer
60 33 93 55 33 88
Senior Citizen Flyer*
51 33 84 46 33 79
Junior Flyer
18 17 35 15 17 32
Family Flyer  (Lead Senior) 60 33 93 55 33 88
Family Flyer  (Partner) 32 22 54 29 22 51
Family Flyer (Junior) 18 13 31 15 13 28
Fees below apply to Slot Car, Non-Flying and Social members only whilst those above are for Flying Members
Senior Non Flyer or Slot Car 25 17 42 21 17 38
Youth Group (Junior Slot Car)** 16 6 22 14 6 20
Student Non-Flyer or Slot Car***
25 13 38 21 13 34
Social Member 20 None 20 18 None 18

*Senior Citizen Membership is for applicants aged 65 and over on the 1st January

**Junior Solt Car (Youth Group) Membership is for applicants under 18 years of age on the 1st January

***Student Membership is for applicants between  18 and 25 years of age on the 1st January who are in full time education.

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