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Trevor Whiting's Coastgaurd Patrol Boat

Most members will recognise Trevor as an active model aircraft builder but perhaps didn't know that he also constructs boats. The remarkable thing is that his boats are his own design and built from scrap materials he finds in his garage! Trevor once built a 5' model of a destroyer from scrap materials. It sold for £250!

Here Trevor is pictured with his latest creation - a Coastgaurd Patrol Boat. This took him about 8 weeks to build and apart from the radio gear and propeller is made totally out of scrap materials.

The hull is built up from balsa and ply and skinned with Fibregass. The Top Deck is MDF and the superstructure including the lifeboat is made from balsa. The railings are made from 1/8" dowel and the oars from cocktail sticks.

Do you recognise any other components? Well, forward the gun turret is an old computer keyboard minature vacuum cleaner whereas the armour plating around the rear gun is made from a piece of drainpipe.

What you can't see is the propulsion unit - this an  motor from an electric car window. It is powered by a 12v dry cell battery. The bridge is detailed with throttles, dials and even a minuature nautical map.

Total cost to build? £15 for glues and paints plus £67 for 2ch radio, propeller and shaft.

Trevor has had a long love affair with full sized boats having owned powerboats and cruisers in the past. Now he dreams of spending his retirement living on a boat. Is it just a dream, Trevor?

Boating Lake
Whilst M&DMC does not have its own boating lake we have teamed up with the King Lear Model Boat Club (click here to vist their website) giving our members access to the King Lear Lake at Watermead Country Park. MDMC members wishing to take advantage of this arrangement will need to join the King Lear Model Boat Club. Their annual subscripition is currently £26 for adults and £15 for over 65s. However these are reduced by £15 if you have BMFA insurance.
Car Parking is available for an annual fee of £20 plus a refundable deposit of £10 for a barrier swipe card, OR on a daily basis for £1.50/day.  

Most boating types can be accomodated i.e. Sail, Electric, I.C., but NOT floatplanes! Water access to the King Lear Lake is everyday during park opening hours and The Model Boat Club have group activities on Sunday mornings.

The Boat Club have a club social night on the first Tuesday of the month at The Gate Hangs Well Pub, Syston.

If any MDMC members require further details and/or application forms please contact Kevin Draper Tel: 01664 668404.

Flying Boats & Floatplanes
Whilst we currently do not have a facility for flying floatplanes there are members who do have and interest in this aspect of our hobby. If you need some guidance then Vice-Chairman, Richard Phillips, would be well worth consulting as he has some experience with this type of model. Arthur Askew is another member who has constructed models for flying off water. Here are a couple of photos of Arthur's model.

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